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Enjoy Secure Chatting With Chatstep

Chatting is very common today as apart from socializing it is also used for discussing important issues and conducting meetings. If a person wants to discuss on an important issue to a group of people from home then he can very well call out for a group conversation either on phone or on the internet. In phone the conference call facility allows people to talk in group while on the internet there are sites and services that offer the facility to group chat.

Majority of people today rely on online chat rooms because they make discussions and work easy. It also makes planning and reviewing business works swiftly. If we go to explore the internet we could find lots of websites catering for the chat service. Few sites require subscriptions, sign-ins while, few sites allow users to converse directly online by entering their nick name. Among the many chatting services the new one is ChatStep.

ChatStep which is a free group chat service allows users to create private chat rooms where they can chat in group and discuss important issues. The chat history does not get saved which makes it easy for users to discuss confidential matters.

Users who want to make use of this service must first enter room name and then type a desired name along with password. After this they need to click on create and presto. Now, after successfully landing on page they can start with their chat, email, text and give other people who are willing to talk the room name and password for conducting conference conversations. Other people entering the group conversation just need to get ChatStep and enter the same details and click on join. They will automatically enter the group chat room. This is indeed very easy as there is nothing to download and install.

This service makes group talk easy for it users as it gives notifications when a new person enters the room and logs out. It also provides notifications when a new message is received and provides an option for choosing different colours for different persons talking in conference. Sound adult movies notifications are also offered and users can switch it off if they think it to be unnecessary. This service does not allow file sharing but certainly allows photo sharing.

For sharing images users just need to drag and drop images on the chat area. This service is useful if important meetings are conducted. Screen shots and other images related to presentations too can be shared so that everyone present in the conference can view it conveniently.

This service does not store any chat logs, nicknames, messages and images shared during the conversation as it cannot read anything technically. This service proves to be a simple tool for conducting confidential meetings, and group conversations. Overall it proves to be an efficient service useful for all people.

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