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How to use a Webcam

Download Webcam. - Stock Imagesfrom © Dreamstime.com

A webcam is a useful piece of equipment that lets you see the person you are speaking to on the internet. They are basically just small digital cameras that connect to your PC or laptop. Some laptops already have them built in.

There are two types of webcam: Streaming and Snapshot

Streaming webcams upload moving images like a video, they require a fast broadband connection to broadcast smooth videos. The images tend to be quite poor quality and the motion is not very smooth. Setting up a streaming webcam can be quite complicated.

Snapshot Webcam take a snapshot of the screen every few seconds (which you set yourself) and refresh the adult sex tubes image continuously. Snapshot webcams only take still pictures and do not capture motion. The picture quality is very good. Snapshot webcams don't use a lot of energy and are much easier to set up than streaming webcams.

The webcam will usually come with a CD with the software to run it. You simply follow the instructions to start using your webcam. Sometimes you may have to download software from the internet.

The software adult tube is what makes the Webcam work. It will tell the webcam when to take pictures and then transfer the images to another location for viewing. For streaming video it is best to choose a webcam with a high frame rate of at least 30 frames per second. It is imperative that you have high speed internet access to properly capture high frame streaming video. After the camera has captured the pictures of the video stream the software will tell the camera to broadcast the images over your internet connection. The software saves the image as a JPEG file and uploads it to the internet using File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Of course, using your webcam for viewing the other person on the internet phone is just one purpose. You could use your webcam to view your front door or watch birds in the garden to name but a few.

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